2022 Children's Development Program Lottery

*Please note the lottery has closed and all available places have been allocated. Unfortunately, we do not have a waitlist. Hawk Stars Snowboarding and AMPT (for 14 and 15 year olds) will remain available to purchase through January 1st 2022*

Lottery registrations are accepted between September 1st and September 15th 2021.

We strongly recommend you read through the Children's Development Programs Infographic, Lottery FAQ, and individual program pages at mohawkmtn.com before registering for a program.

Please note: The registrant may be placed in any of their indicated top three program choices. Registration is a binding commitment to participate in whichever of your top three program choices you are placed. Participants placed in any of their top three choices will not receive a refund for any reason. Places in programs are non-transferable. You are not obligated to select a second or third choice program. Whether or not you indicate a second or third choice will not influence the likelihood of being placed in your first choice.

If we are unable to accommodate your child’s registration, you will be entitled to a 100% refund. Your completion of our online registration process means you agree to these terms and conditions.

The program registration fee includes a Junior Anytime Season Pass for the exclusive use of the program participant.

Hawk Stars

Hawk Stars is an action-packed 7 week program dedicated to developing and improving the riding skills of snowboarders (levels 3 to 8), age 7 through 13 years (birth years 2008 to 2014). Hawk Stars participants simply love to hang with their patrol in a relaxed atmosphere whilst working on all mountain skills and flat land tricks. Want to learn how to shred steeper terrain, ride switch and become a more natural boarder? Hawk Stars will help you succeed.

Hawk Stars Snowboarding


Mohawk Mountain would like to introduce you to AMPT, offering 14 and 15 year old (birth years 2006 and 2007) skiers and riders the unique opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities that go into becoming a top-notch snowsports pro or ski patroller. While improving your personal skiing/riding skills, you’ll begin to learn the fundamentals of ski/snowboard instruction, effective communications, and teamwork. Many graduates from past programs have gone on to become snowsports pros or ski patrollers at Mohawk Mountain and all participants will master skills that will benefit them in any future career or endeavor.

AMPT I (All Mountain Professional Training)
AMPT II (All Mountain Professional Training)


The Mohawk Mountain Interclub Team is a competitive alpine race program for advanced skiers (levels 7 & 8) aged 8 to 13 (birth years 2008 to 2013). Excellent coaching will be provided for athletes to hone their Giant Slalom skills and be introduced to the foundations of skiing Slalom. Interclub builds on the fundamental skiing skills developed in the DSquad program, with the expectation athletes will compete in Interclub races against other ski teams in the Berkshires. This is an exciting race program that will provide athletes with a fun racing experience in a competitive environment!


The Mohawk Mountain Development Squad is a race development program designed to give skiers aged 7-13 (birth years 2008 to 2014) who are skiing at a minimum level 6 the opportunity to build on the fundamental skills of skiing. Participants will ski Saturday and Sunday, and the season will culminate with a race at the end of the regular program.

Skiers will learn the fundamentals of racing while continuing to build on strong skiing skills. Most days will be spent free skiing, with time spent focused on race specific drills. Athletes will also spend time in brush, stubbie and gate courses as well as practicing US Ski & Snowboard (USSS) Skills Quest Stations.

Mountain Division

Mountain Division is an action-packed 7 week program dedicated to developing and improving the skills of skiers (levels 5 to 8), age 6 through 13 years (birth years 2008 to 2015). Mountain Division participants simply love to ski, wish to improve their all-mountain skiing, and look forward to seeing their buddies from their squad every week on the snow.

Yeti Club

The Yeti Club program is for intermediate skiers (levels 3 to 6) age 5 to 8 (birth years 2013 to 2016) is based on our popular Snowhawks program and incorporates fun into skill development, allowing children to achieve new levels of confidence as their abilities soar. Your child will see their same pals from week to week, allowing for continuity in skill development and new friendships.